Naturopathy and Wellness

Naturopathy & Wellness

We help our clients listen to and nourish their bodies so you can feel amazing, inside and out. We begin with a complete nutrition and medical history and based on your goals and lifestyle, create a realistic and individualized plan. What works for one client may not work for another, and designing a plan that serves your unique needs is essential.

We work with a diverse group of clients and specialize in the following areas:

· Sustainable Weight Loss
· Eating Disorders
· Gastrointestinal Disorders
· Anxiety & Depression
· Arthritis & Hypothyroidism
· Diabetes
· Child & Adolescent Nutrition
· Reducing Inflammation
· Cardiovascular Health
· Low Energy & Fatigue
· Hormone Balancing
· Prenatal & Postnatal
· Fertility
· Wellness & Beauty
· Health at Every Size
· Sugar Addiction
· Sports Nutrition

Natural Weightloss

We will study your health history to better understand your medical conditions, age, prescription and your unique medical needs.

We will do a comprehensive body composition analysis to better understand your body and define realistic weight loss goals. We will then develop a comprehensive weight loss strategy using supplements , diet and exercise plans plus lifestyle counseling to achieve your goals and more important maintain your goals.

Hormone Threrapy

Bio-Identical Hormone:

Testosterone Therapy:

Bioidentical Hormones & Aging Medicine Andropause & Menopause From Men & Women

Hormones affect everything a person does and feels, and they are messengers that regulate the body’s activity. As aging occurs, important hormones can become deficient; however, we have helped numerous individuals supplement declining hormones to regain health. Some of the hormones that can be replenished with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy include testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol, DHEA, and Thyroid Hormone.

Hormones therapy is not one size fits all. Each patient’s dose depends on symptoms and laboratory results. Bio-identical hormones allow us to restore a patient’s balance naturally giving them more energy, mental clarity, increase libido, and improved overall health.


Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine used for thousands of years. It is effective for many types of health issues. IN our clinic we use it mostly for musculoskeletal pain and headaches. It can be very effective on it's own and in combination with other treatments. We also treat many other chronic and acute problems that have not responded to more conventional approaches.

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Is Naturopathy right for you?

Ask your doctor to see if Naturopathy is a good option for you.